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She led me on none of it was real not even the marriage part she never cared about me if she did she wouldn’t play with my heart like that. For a short while I was happy and not depressed but now she broke my heart and guess what the old “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE I HATE MY LIFE” Jayden the one who got picked on but now doesn’t ignore it because there is nothing to live anymore is back. To be honest she knew I was depressed and suicidal knowing if she broke my heart I would go back to it and sure enough she did. Bye

So it turns out I’m engaged how the fuck did that happen I’m only 13 but she 17 oh God what the fuck have I got myself into and I thought she was being cute so I said yes but it turns out she was being serious and my mom doesn’t even know I’m screwed and I can’t tell her no and that I thought she was kidding damn I mean I love my girlfriend but still

I know your still alive I know your still up I know your on because you just posted something but your going to ignore me great so it is true you don’t care I have been trying to talk to you for days now but you still ignore me I know I’m annoying but you didn’t have to go this far because now all I want to do is die and I just might hope your happy because you don’t have to deal with me anymore because I’m freaking done you said you’d be there for me but that was a lie I need you and you won’t talk to me because I was annoying well I hope this is annoying because it might be the last time you hear from me but I still love you.

I will always love you Skylur